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Working with students is an important part of my scholarship. Each year I mentor two undergraduate students through formal independent research projects and one or two graduate students. Below is a list of the projects we have worked on. Hover over the project title to see if a link to a paper is available.


Project title

Gregory Boudreaux

Willingness to pay for stormwater management infrastructure in Chicago

Kiera Grady

Climate change and California wine production

Christopher Hummel

Stock dynamics in the Lake Superior commercial fishery

Kevin Carroll

Drivers of day visits to Michigan state parks and campgrounds

Gabriella Rodriguez

Urban agriculture’s effect on crime: Evidence from Chicago

Megh Soni

Factors affecting the solar capacity of different regions across India

Matthew Kaefer

How diverse are preferences for urban fisheries? Evidence from a choice experiment

Who is multimodal? A spatial and demographic analysis of commuting in Chicago

Maris Yurdana

Effect of brownfield site cleanup on crime in Chicago

Kevin White

Brownfield cleanups and gentrification in Chicago

Luke Schmidt

The effect of climate change on weather-induced property damage and insurance costs

Jillian Hyink

Demand for farm-raised fish in the Great Lakes: What does consumer research tell us?

Residential location and changing water amenity values: Evidence from the Great Lakes

Cassidy Redding

Racial inequality in Chicago: Income and education

Valuing water remediation actions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Camille Braswell

Effects of regulations and pricing on participation in recreational fishing

Joanna Szeremeta

Are water quality regulations fair to fish farmers? Evidence from a stated preference experiment

Marceline Azem

Does the public support regulating agriculture to protect water quality?

Nicolina Piccolo

The economic value of deer hunting in Indiana

The effect of endangered species regulations on residential moves in Michigan

Alex Nielsen

The recreational value of birding and species abundance of sandhill cranes

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